hi! so, i have a primary blog (connected to this blog obviously): staticliving which is what probably shows up when i follow back/reblog everyone’s stuff. i don’t use it anymore but am trying to figure out how to make this my primary while continuing to follow who i’m still following, etcetc. complicated (ish? i could be missing the obvious) but anyways, if you see that blog, das me. clarifying and whatnot.

follow the blog i actually use for artsy stuff —> brainthangs <—- as i don’t use this one at all anymore (even tho my follow backs come from this blog n’ stuff) (nobody cares) (but in case anyone does)

soo i’m basically not blogging on this blog anymore..i mainly just use my other blog brainthangs

if i can figure out a way to keep following the same people/not lose these followers i’ll prob make the other one my new primary blog and delete this one

or just not post on this one anymore

kinda fed up with some parts of tumblr tbh so

yeah! that’s that lol


I looked over at you; your lip was quivering and it was so cliche. You looked like a kicked puppy; head hanging in shame, gorgeous blue eyes so fucking tired. So fucking depressed. Your quivering lip turned into rolling tears and you could barely get the sentence out- but you did, oh, you did. And at that moment I decided I loved you too fucking much to see you in pain, whether you royally fucked up or not; my heart was melting, my brain was melting, my anger was melting and being replaced with this genuine, foreign forgiveness. I was- I am- overwhelmingly in love with you. Your tears were my elixir; your hurting was my hurting.

And I vow to forever wipe your tears.

me, 9.13.14 (via brainthangs)